“i AM” consciousness

There are two states of consciousness. There is consciousness and there is CONSCiOUSNESS.

Both are ever present and are all around us. They are so well hidden that most of us do not yet see them. Those that do see them, struggle to explain them conceptually to those who do not, for this is why most of us remain ignorantly unenlightened.


From a scientific perspective, consciousness is the quantum realm. The paradoxical dance between wave and particle. The innate nothingness. The ever present, yet none existent, reality of infinite potential. It is the God particle.

From a religious perspective, consciousness is the heavenly realm or God. The unknowable. The creator. The every present yet none existent presence of infinite knowledge and wisdom that is also known as God consciousness. It is where the peace and grace of God resides.



Expressed in its simplest form: “i AM” consciousness MANiFESTED or “i AM” CONSCiOUSNESS.

Within CONSCiOUSNESS there are many (infinite) states of BEiNG. Three can be easily identified:

  • UNCONSCiOUS – This is the sleeping state
  • AWAKENiNG – This is the awakening state
  • ENLiGHTENED – This is the awakened state

Many would mistakenly place consciousness above CONSCiOUSNESS, like a person gazing up into the heavens, as if there is a higher level of consciousness that must be attained in order to awaken and become fully ENLiGHTENED. This is inaccurate and most distracting, as the premiss it creates is that of attainment, i.e. I must achieve or acquire something in order to rise up to a higher level of consciousness.
The accurate method of internal investigation is, in fact, the opposite. I must let go of EVERYTHING that I believe to be true. EVERYTHiNG must be seen for what it truly is, through the “i” of the beholder, and only when every stone has been unturned, and every hiding place within has been investigated, only then, when there is nowhere left to run and hide, only then are we left with the truth that is the “i AM”.

“i AM” the “i” of CONSCiOUSNESS, and whilst this “i” cannot be touched or quantified from a scientific perspective, “i AM” it. “i AM” the very thing “I” seek…

“i AM” your unknowable, religious God.

“i AM” without time or form, yet ever present WITHiN all THiNGS. “i AM” unknowable yet observing EVERYTHiNG. Here “i AM” now, in this timeless moment.

“i AM” consciousness MANiFESTED…

…and what is consciousness? consciousness is choice. “i AM” the choice, and the choice is to know thyself and all of creation, or not.

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